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FMK marine Diesel engines - dipstick needed


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2 hours ago, Alan de Enfield said:


You appear to be 'bucking the trend'.

Apparently BSS examiners are leaving in 'droves' as it is uneconomic to do the examinations at the current pricing levels.

Alan, I commented on this a week or so ago. I had one owner who emailed me saying he wouldn’t use me because ‘all I want is a superficial examination of 2hours and a certificate at the end.‘ and ‘last examiner, all I had to do was send him a photo of the corrected item and I received my certificate in the post’. I’ve sent his communications to the BSS!

Unfortunately BSS examiners are being seen as one genetic mutation removed from Inland Revenue or VAT inspectors!

It’s unfortunate that the new level of checks that have to be worked through should take at least 4 hours and well over an hour to enter to the database. Don’t forget the travel costs and time for that too or owners expecting a free retest.

I’ve spent nearly £9,000 to get the registration and that slowly has to be recouped too.

I am struggling to get work offering below £200 per examination - which is below the recommended level and to be honest by the time the cost of the BSS certificate, £60, is knocked off that you have to ask if it’s worth it!

No business is going to survive long term by the time fuel prices and other overheads such as insurance and annual BSS registration fees (around £650 pa), not forgetting income tax,  are taken into account .

The temptation for some examiners will be to shorten exams and hope the examination isn’t audited by the BSS & CRT.

Perhaps I’m fortunate that I’m trying to build the business while I still have a main income from elsewhere.


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You make my point admirably.

The fee should (probably) be twice the curent rate.

My last BSS (2 years ago) lasted all of 20 minutes from his arrival at the marina gate to driving back out.

He never moved from the seat in the saloon, said I can see you have CO alarms, is eveything still OK, it passed last time so I'll give you a pass"


Over the years I have made a number of complaints about 'rogue' examiners and the only response is "we will look into it and see if he needs additional training"

They do themselves no favours.

All I ask is that the examination is done in accordance with the guidelines - I do not expect to pay £160 to sit and chat for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, for many, the whole BSS system and  its 'people' are rated lower than estate agents or secondhand car salesmen.


Like anything. if you want something done properly its costs !

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On 23/07/2016 at 20:22, Eeyore said:

I think the dip stick on Lister Petter Canalstar engines is of the type you describe.

Someone will be along to tell me if I'm right, and to tell you how long they are 😉

Steve (Eeyore)

You are right. But only the very early Canal Star engines used this type of spring dipstick. After a few years of production they were changed to a flat blade type.

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