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Spotted On Route to Work


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Canary wharf?


I saw a couple of tall ships while walking with the misses down near the blue lift bridge. We were doing a Riverside walk so only saw them in the distance in West India Dock.


A couple of horrid megayachts behind them as well.

(That was today about 1pm)

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I reckon it's something to do with the Queens burfday.


Yes I travelled in by train to the smoke and alighted @ Canary Wharf today.

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It's part of the new Lend Lease program. Obama sent it over in case Brexit passes and the predicted invasion happens. When you unfurl the mizzen sail there's big letters that say "This is all you get!"


Not that Obama wants to influence the vote or anything....

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Wow hope it stays put for couple weeks cos I have babysitting time soon with youngest grand daughter and thats a must see on my list of what to do.


There is at least one more tall ship behind her too.

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