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Propeller repair

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Numpty moment must of occurred, couldn't of had one decompression valve in properly when testing rotation of engine. Solved starting problem, clutches gone in starter motor and replaced today


I have found it is surprisingly easy to have a numpty moment just after something nasty has happened



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Definitely got a bit of vibration on tiller, but it's soon over shadowed by the rattle after ploughing through all the long stringy weed stuff that's come down from the unnavigable stretch of the Llangollen. Which I blame on canoe'ists as C&RT presently working on launch sites in the upper part

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Could you straighten out that ding in the blade with a mole grip or large adjustable spanner on it, though the weed hatch?


It might snap off but that would still be an improvement.

I don't fancy the idea of mole grips, as it would certainly break bits off and I'm not sure how that would effect a future proper repair. So for now it will remain as is and will probably remove the prop later in winter
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Another recommendation for AE Woodwards in Hull. Our prop has been there today and come back completely renewed, all dings and misshapes have been removed, it has been reprofiled, balanced and polished, all done while we waited if booked in prior to work, looks good as new. And all for a very reasonable price.



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