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Reluctantly we have put our share in "Sunseeker" up for sale. The successful buyer will own 10% of the 58' narrowboat and therefore have access to at least 4 weeks cruising per year - sometimes 5.


As from March 2016 we will be based in Droitwich Spa Marina, so an ideal base from which to cruise the Avon ring. Price for the share is £2,000 but we are open to reasonable offers.


We are privately managed, so annual costs are kept low; this year is £1,000 per owner, as we have just purchased new dinette upholstery and armchairs (which convert into single beds). It could be possible to have special share status, but this carries a 25% premium, in return for guaranteeing school holiday bookings.


If the share is sold before we take any cruising weeks, this will be added to the sale price. If sold after April but before August, we will cover 50% of the annual management cost.


Further details can be found on the boatshare website.


In 2016, our cruising dates are 15th - 29th April and 19th August until 2nd September.


Dogs are allowed on Sunseeker - but dog owners are required to ensure that the boat is free from doggy smells at the conclusion of their trip.


Shared ownership has worked for us over many years. It enabled us to go cruising at a fraction of the cost of hiring. Sunseeker is a delightful boat with some very friendly owners, who meet annually in November to discuss all the important aspects of narrowboat ownership.

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