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Vintage Engineer Needed ASP

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A friend of mine based in the Market Harborough area, is seeking a qualified engineer to check out her engine.


Its a Dorman Stafford 3 cylinder ( 3LB ).


If anyone knows of someone who can help in the area or willing to travel, then Please send me a message with a contact number, that I


can pass onto my friend, and fingers crossed she can get cracking with the rest of her fit-out.


many thanks and kindest regards.

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Justin Green from Braunston Boats should be able to help.



Tankies BEngo I will find out his contact number and pass onto my friend :)

Totally off topic, but HELLO AGAIN, TREE! How ya doing? Lovely to see you back here!


treescrunching huggles Athy, all ok now my boat is finally finished ( well once I decide which stove to put in )

I am only here to post help for a friend.

bestest wishes to you and yours during the festive seasons :)

Debdale wharf have experience of vintage engines and will travel. Or if she can get here they will be able to help.


What's the matter with it?





Ta for that Gareth, problems with the WaterPump, and other bits and bobs need checking out.

Hmmm... the thing is folks, she seems to have been ' Let Down' by a few people, and when I bumped into her today she was at the end of her tether, so I told her not to worry, and I would ask the good folk on her for advice :)

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Sam at bridge 61 Foxton Boat Servics often travels locally.

smile.png bless you Tuscan another name to add and hopefully she will get things sorted as it seems she is having some hassle, which is never nice in any situation, never mind when it concerns your home.

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clapping.gif Many many thanks ... I now have all these contact details and have sent them to my friend, so that she can contact them tomorrow.

what about Tony Redshaw Vintage Diesels 01327 700219

Unit 13,
Riley Close,
Royal Oak Ind Est,
NN11 8QT

smile.png I have got him down on my list Graham but many thanks.

Tony Redshaw,

Justin Green

Debdale Wharf

Sam at Foxton Boat Services


so my task is hopefully completed smile.png

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