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The Angry Boater Show Comes to Guildford - August 21st & 22nd


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'The Keep' - Castle Street, Guildford. Friday & Saturday, August 21st & 22nd. 8 pm.

"Jews Don't Live on Boats!" my dad warned me.

20 years on, I struggle to do just that .... full time ... with zero practical skills ... and a short temper.

Before becoming a full time boater, I grew up in NW London (IN A HOUSE), ran a successful comedy club & headlined leading comedy venues across the USA, performing with the likes of Robin Williams & Chris Rock.

One day, on a bit of a whim, I bought a boat and started to live on it.


So what went wrong?

In order to share my story, I have spent the past 2 weeks driving my narrowboat out of London, onto the Mighty Thames & down the River Wey where - for 2 nights only - I’ll perform my acclaimed comedy show in the heart of Guildford. I know I could have travelled here in 40 minutes from Waterloo but if PT Barnum could travel around the USA setting up impromptu shows with his circus on a horse, I can do it in the UK with my circus .... on a boat.

‘The Keep’ a lovely space and there are 30 tickets available per show. Please book online if you'd like to come along.


'The Angry Boater' will happen at The Keep on Castle Street, Guildford on Friday and Saturday, August 21st and 22nd. Showtime is 8 pm (doors 7.45 pm). Tickets are £10.


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