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Insurance recommendations please


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As per the title, does anybody recommend a particular insurance company please?

My boat is a 57ft steel clone craft of 11 years old (self fit out) , non-livaboard but long cruises. Usual "tidal waters for access only thing." I need fully comprehensive cover.

Many thanks.


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You could try Coleman 01202647400

I have found them very good, and are happy to tailor the policy to a degree for your specific requirements.

Mine is for Inland and coastal, Private, Pleasure and a Full time livaboard, including Contents Machinery, Tender, Life raft, Outboard, Personal effects cover for anyone aboard up to £250 etc etc loads more

£276.00 (90k Aluminum Alloy boat).

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We have used Haven Knox Johnson for 2 years, quite happy that we are liveaboards, full contents cover, full legal and accident cover and possessions cover for guests staying. Fully comp on a 60ft 18 month old boat with 1 years no claims was about £325 if I remember right. Plus really easy to talk to and deal with.

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Trouble is you don't know how good an insurance company is until you have to claim. I'm with Navigators & General, but as I haven't had cause to claim can't comment on their performance.


I had a car with Liverpool & General, when I accidentally drove into a flood and wrote the engine off. They were brilliant, and paid out more than the book price within 2 weeks of the incident, including having the engine stripped to assess the damage.


Does anyone have any good or bad claim experiences for boat insurance?


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They paid out very quickly (and reasonably) when we had the trail boat stopping, jack knife incident (at least someone now has a nice Wilderness trailer). They also did reasonable temp full transport and lifting insurance when NB Earnest got to and from Ireland, by dubious transport means.

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It is also sometimes cheaper to go through a broker as they get special deals with the underwriters. For example our policy with collidge and partners was cheaper by nearly 80 pounds rather than going direct to Navigators and General who underwrite our policy.

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