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Crew wanted.

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I'm moving Wyrd from Langley Mill to Northampton and perhaps beyond in early June and am looking for crew. The boat is a rather tired deep draught narrow tug. I tend to start early and have long days whenever possible. All found. Non-smokers preferred. I realise this is short notice but if you can help please PM me. HughC.

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Hugh rang me and I'm in as crew for the trip, very much looking forward to my first boating since September.

Do wave if you see us, though Hugh's schedule probably won't allow us much time to stop and chat along the way ...

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I've just got home (almost, I'm actually using my home wi-fi from my neighbours' house until my son gets home to let me in!) after a great little holiday on the canals as crew for hughc and his wife. They're great people who looked after me well, providing excellent food throughout. We did Langley Mill to Northampton in four days of about 11-12 hours each, then a short trip on the Nene this morning. It was often wet and/or windy on the first two days, and hot later especially going down the Rothersthorpe flight on Thursday afternoon in a much-needed improvised sunhat, but a very enjoyable trip.


Note for CRT: Please get someone to sort out the paddle gear on the Erewash. It's a nice canal, but hard work to operate many of the paddles which must be putting some people off going up it. I'm not too well up on the technical jargon, but basically the bit you wind with the windlass is properly greased and the trouble seems to be inside the box which winds the paddle up.

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Lovely to meet you Peter and it was an enjoyable trip for me whilst I was there. Some of the gearboxes on the gate paddles on the Erewash were very dry and stiff and sprockets for the safety catches worn, meaning the safety catch wasn't engaging. Good going on the times though!

Kind regards


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