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Hopper windows


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Our 1972 Dartline Frobisher needs the windows refurbished, which we are trying to do ourselves. The hopper is sitting on a rubber seal that has broken down but also appears to stop any water getting through the drainage holes. Should this rubber seal be there, and if not what should be there, if anything? Any help gratefully received

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Not being familiar with exactly what type of hopper windows are fitted to those boats I think we may need a photo.


Typical top fitted hoppers sit in an angle formed by the drop back restraints at each end and sit on an alloy plate with an up-stand at the rear. As far as I can see there are no drainage holes for the hopper. Water finds its way out at the ends and under the hopper glass.


The main glass is secured into the frame by a length of "bootlace" neoprene wedged between the glass and the top of the frame section. If these get pushed down or if the cavity below them fills with moss I suppose that could block the drain holes.


As I said I suspect yours are duifferent.

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