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Canal Boat Washing Machine.

Captain Fizz

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I am developing a new style of washing machine for boating.

Without giving too much away, (patents) said machine will look something like a lobster pot into which one places one's washing.

The central tunnel will have a turbine which will cause the pot to rotate as it is towed behind the boat thus washing the clothes.

The unit will be fitted to hydraulic lifting arms, so, when lifted from the water it can be raised above roof level when the passing air flow will spin the turbine thereby drying the clothes.

This cunning piece of equipment will be made from a solid billet of finest unobtainium carefully machined with a CNC Router!

What do the panel think?

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Caught sight of myself in the mirror on the way into the shower.
I stood there naked, sagging and flabby. - "What the hell", I thought.
Then I came upon it. ...
It's April 1st!
Ha Ha Ha. I'm not that gullible!

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