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Canal Boatmen 1st World War


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The Leeds & Liverpool Canal was controlled by the Northern sub committee, as was the Aire & Calder, and the HQ for this committee was at Leeds in the A & C offices. I gather there must have been challenges for the LLC to get traffic as the traditional cargoes may not have been there. 

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Yes, I know Mike has that expertise, as Lorna has the expertise for canal boatmen family history, and I have had both give talks to the Canal Workshops Martin O Keefe and myself organised across the country, Speaking of which, Mike, will note from a recent Waterways History Group email, I am looking at putting together another, this time on waterways motor traction next year, if suitable speakers can come forward.



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On 03/04/2018 at 13:57, Lorna said:

Thank you Captain Pegg and Archie 57 for the extra Boatmen. Since I wrote the original list it has grown to 62 boatmen. I can now add Jack Brookes, Joe Pearsall, David Garrett, David Neal and William Humphreys. I already had William Millard and George Walley.

Captain Pegg you didn't know the name of William Humphreys Mother Ellen she was born Ellen Bailey  5/1/1858 Middlewich Cheshire daughter of Joseph Bailey and Mary Ann Broadhurst. Ellen Married Henry Theobald 15/10/1876 at Middlewich their daughter Mary Jane born 28/9/1878 Middlewich Cheshire. Henry Theobald was sentenced to 10years hard labour in 1879. Ellen went onto have a whole new family with Richard Humphries. My grandmother Mary Jane Theobald was bought up by Richard Humphries as his daughter because when she married my grandfather William Yarnall 19/9/1902 at Daventry Register Office she married under the name of Humphries so William Humhreys would have been her half brother and Ellen Bailey was my Great Grandmother. 




Hi, The Henry THEOBALD mentioned above appears to be my great great grandfather. My great gran Ellen THEOBALD was his first daughter with (I think his second wife) Eleanor (Ellen) Lydia KEANE - Henry was indeed sent to 10 years hard labour for "cattle killing" - happy to discuss this line and share any info I have if it is of any interest to anyone ? it's something I'm actively looking in to so if anyone else can shed any light on this family line I would love to hear.

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