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Hi all!


I'm pretty new to the cut ( last september ) and sadly looks like I will be made redundant from my job of 7 years in the near future :/ I come and have lived in a fairly small village on the K & A. As work is so scarce in my area I have decided to move to Bristol on my boat and as my redundacy pay will only be a small amount (£2000- £2500) will not be able to afford mooring fee's in the near future in all likely hood. As far as work goes I'll do whatever pays the bills but transport is a issus as i do not drive (aside from the barge :P)


Now to my questions (I have searched as much as I can but getting online can be differcult and thus far have not been able to find much in the way of info and was hoping someone could help me who lived near by or has been in the same sort situation )



Can you moor in bristol its self with out paying fee's if you're willing to move every two weeks inside bristol it's self( I'm a genuine C C at the moment and walk/cycle or bus into my current job)



I understand that commuting into Bristol from along the canal is farly easy (from what I've read) but was wondering what the rough cost of buses and trains tend to be and how easy it is to get these ( I figure a hour or 2 traveling a day is ok if the they run early enough ( get you into the city before 8 or 9am))


I'm sorry if these sound like stupid questions but at a bit of a loss at the moment and could do with any and all help. I know the first question is a bit of a no brainer and assume you can't but best to ask right? :D


Thank you and may I say great web site and community, has helped me out with a lot of things these last few months should of joined rather than lurked long ago!




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Bristol is not part of the K&A canal, the Crt licence only goes till Hanham lock. There is a very large waiting list for moorings in Bristol Harbour. Your closest area to CC for Bristol is Bath. CCing on the River Avon is a non-starter. There are moorings and three marinas, but they all cost money.

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Hi ya, Welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear of your possible redundancy,,fingers crossed it might not happen.

When I came up through Bristol what seams like a lifetime ago,I actually got some seasonal work at the garden center on the A4 between Brislington & Keynsham. I spent about 5 months in and around that area ..now there used to be some moorings (about 80ft or so) Outside Keynsham Marina actually on the river by the Pub / Lock..There was also a space or two the other side by the weir (but I think they where unofficial). Also as I remember there was also a few spaces at a place they use to call the nuns field a bit further up towards Bath that was a farmer's field,and that was free,,I bet that has changed now though !. & if you went past Keynsham Marina towards Bath,just before the next lock left hand side of the next weir there used to be a Sort of 'Health Tea Room' fair trade and alike,,this was accessable from the river & had it's own moorings (about 50ft) might be worth a call even if you work there for the mooring type of thing.

But I think in most cases you will have to put your hand in your pocket I'm afraid,which is always the case when funds are short

Good luck in your search.

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Bristol is a truly wonderful place to be, especially for alternative types.

For these two reasons moorings are almost impossible to find even if you have a lot of money to spend.

A few people do sometimes "continuously moor" for free between Bath and Bristol but its not for the feint hearted, the river floods very quickly after rain, and getting into Bristol from the remoter parts of the river would be difficult. Best option would be to moor in the Bradford on Avon area and get the train. But this is a "Western End Hot Spot" so you really do have to move every 14 days or face enforcement.

If you can find work in Bristol then there are winter moorings, not sure how hard to get these, but they do run on later than the CaRT equivalent.

With the train and a pushbike you might then get away the CC'ing in the Bath/Bradford region in Summer but don't expect an easy life.



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Thank you everyone for the quick replies! Fingers crossed Paul but sadly the writing is on the wall and don't worry Dave willing to push bike it in but looks like Bath/Bradford Avon are the winners so far (I cycled in most of the winter here and look forward to being able to sit in a warm bus/train. I've looked into housing benefit for the boat (which I fogot to mention is a 40fter narrow) Hoping it won't be neasary but plan for the worst and all. Does housing bemfit require me to notify the gov or anyone that I live full time on on boat before you apply for the befit it's self as, as it stands I haven't? ( all my mail goes to my family home where I stayed for a couple of years (sister lost her job and we all need a roof!)


Thank you all again, you have laided some worries to rest :)

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