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Blacking coverage

Paul C

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I know its probably been answered lots of times before, but its expensive stuff so I don't want to over-order! How much blacking does a 45ft narrowboat typically need? The stuff we're going to use, for compatibility with the existing, is Interzone 954. I've looked at the datasheet online and it suggests, using a 500 micron layer, it will be 1.70m2/litre. A rough calculation on a 45ft narrowboat, and allowing for a bit of extra (I used 800mm for the side height, 2x45ft and 2x 7 foot for the side lengths and ends, but I know it being pointy at the front and curved at the back will slightly reduce the area), shows that 14.9 litres is needed. Given its about £170/5 litres, its worth a double check!

PS forgot to post the link: http://www.international-pc.com/PDS/2589-P-eng-A4.pdf for the paint's datasheet.

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