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What have you fettled for the boat today?

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At weekend.


Painted the trad control links with red hammerite. Added secure cupboard latches.


Waxed the offside..... onside to follow.


Changed starter battery. Shorted out the Sterling charger - so two steps backwards.

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Bought some nice brass tags with numbers on one side (1 to 10), and the boat's name & phone number on the other, to go on my various keyrings.


This may be a response to leaving a rather expensive set of keys (BW, EA Abloy, Middle Level Yale) somewhere on the South Oxford this summer.

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Not fettled, but refurbished the surrounds for two windows. It doesn't sound much, but sixteem pieces of mahogany, all sanded back to original wood (by hand - No mechanical sanders for me!!) and varnished with Yacht Varnish, two more coats to go and they should be ready for re-installation.

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Not today but the other week I removed all the cup hooks in the engine room and replaced them with magnetic tool rails for hanging my spanners on.


I also had some covers made for the Houdini hatches and pigeon box.


The boatyard is removing the pump out tank. It has never worked properly and earlier on in the year I had to get some welding done on the one end. Looking at the condition of it I think that I would forever be chasing the weld until one day when I get a catastrophic failure and a boat full of shit er....... Marmitesick.gif


The boatyard are also removing an unwanted generator.

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At the weekend the plan was to sort out the end of our centre rope that had started to fray a little. Taking it into the pub with us we were fairly certain there would be someone there who knew how to do a back splice and could share that knowledge with us.


In fact we stopped at Brewood to visit "Tea Junction" that was moored there. Over a coffee I asked Tracey the owner if she or her hubby Ray could splice ropes. After explaining why she called to a chappie walking past - Hey Des, you can splice ropes can't you?


After a lifetime in The Merchant Navy of course he could. He proceeded to give us a lesson how to do a back splice on our centre line. Of course having had the lesson it is now likely to be years before I need to use that info again so I will have forgotten it by then!


We now have a beautifully spliced end to our centre line which is whipped with what I think he referred to as shooting cord from HMS Ironclad.


But as I didn't fettle it I don't think it counts :(


We fitted new fire bricks in the stove and fitted a new water pump as well though

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Nothing much on going at the mo other than Jan is sorting material for new port hole bung covers and replacement curtains.


Last job we did for the boat was to sand and re-paint the cratch board, and fit a new tunnel light and horn. The old ones were a brass finish but had tarnished really badly and were spoiling the look of the boat. I also re-did the wiring and routed it through a proper conduit inside the cratch as the old one was looking decidedly jaded.


The old paint was a 'scumbling' type effect and it never looked right to me. Now just all Toplac 'Oxford Blue' a tin of which was in the boat from when we bought the boat 3 years ago but was fine. We also re-varnished the inside of the board.


We also gave the canvas cover a damn good clean with some proper canvas cleaner and are quite pleased with the result.





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