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butler/belfast sink waste fitting

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i have a query about plumbing a new belfast sink into my galley. the waste fitting has a 1.5 inch screw thread. i want to get hold of an angled fitting that screws onto the base with a nozzle for a 20mm hose to drain the water out through the skin fitting. i have seen a few straight fittings like this, but because of the depth of the sink and the height of the skin fitting i need to have the fitting with a right-angled (or as close to it as possible) connector. all the angled connectors i've seen are for standard kitchen sinks with a screw insert to accept a central screw from the middle of the plug-hole. What i need is one that screws onto a 1.5 inch down-pipe waste. Does that make sense???


any advice would be much appreciated, as ever!

to clarify:


what i need is a fitting like this:




but which screws onto the base of this:



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The most compact decent solution would probably be:


Fit a standard sink waste fitting, followed by a 1.5" brass elbow. having cut the sink waste fitting down so that the elbow screws up nearly to the underside of the waste fitting locknut.

Fit a 1.5" x 3/4" reducer in the other end of the elbow to accept a threaded hose tail that will take a 20 mm hose.

Ensure that all threads are well sealed.


Chris G


PS This is about the only occasion when you have to seal on a parallel thread!

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The elbow and reducer certainly should be (or from BES on line). The hose tail might be slightly more problematic, but any decent chandlery would have one.


Chris G

Edited to add - the comment about plumbers' merchants refers to the ones local to me - there are much better ones in other parts of the country!

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nope! but thanks for looking. this one is just for your normal sink, i.e. a central screw that locates into the waste immediately below the sinkhole. with the belfast/butler, there is a long, 1.5 inch threaded cylinder which passes down the depth of the sink (around 6 cm) and sticks out the bottom. in a house you screw your trap etc straight onto that. i need a right angle nozzle from that 1.5 inch fitting...



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Might be able to get a reducing elbow that'll need a bit less depth, BES should do them, if not brass maybe in iron or stainless:




Might be a bit less prone to blockage than an equal elbow and reducer.


ETA: something like BES # 8686 or 8490


cheers, Pete.


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