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Hi All,


Just a friendly warning / request to keep your eyes open please:


On Saturday (25th May 2013) I bought a black mountain bike with orange wheels (no brand name visible) from a shop in Beeston and locked it to a sign post right by the canal in Beeston (Rylands) - very visible, and locked with a decent, fat Oxford cable lock. It was a gift for my boyfriend but I rode it myself that day, went to buy new lights etc before locking it up at approx. 7:30pm. By the time he returned at 11pm the lock had been cut clean through and the bike stolen.


We have already reported this to the police etc, but be careful to keep your things safe if you're in the area - and do let me know if you spot a black mens mountain bike with orange Michelin tyres (pretty distinctive!) and orange-covered brake/gear cables.




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I do normally keep my bike locked to the boat, but I left the new (2nd hand, not shiny!) one locked to the sign as we were moored about a mile from the road and my boyfriend was going to cycle back down to the boat on it.

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Couple of tips that I was given:- Next time you fix a puncture lift part of the rim tape and write / scratch your name on the rim. It won't affect the strength or look but it will allow you to prove the bike is yours. Also laminate a piece of paper with your name etc on it and put it down the seat tube.

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