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As part of my degree, I am undertaking an investigation of new infrastructure on the chesterfield canal restoration but can be applied to all canal restoration.


I would appriciate your contribution to my study by filling in my questionnaire. The questionnaire should only take between 5 and 10 minutes.


The questionnaire is anonymous. Your name name will not be required. The answers from all participants will be combined and reviewed to try and gain knowledge into this area of study. This is not compulsory but would be appriciated.


The questionnaire(s) are web based and available from the links below. Please answer all of the questions.



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An unusual set of questions


I wonder, could you give us a little more background on what you are doing? What kind of degree, which year are you in and so on. Giving a little more about yourself and what you are doing really helps with these requests



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Im currently doing Bsc Quantity Surveying at Hallam Uni. I've been a member of chesterfield canal trust for the past 18 months and when i was on the restoration work party i took an intrest in how new infrastructure such as canal basins affect the restoration of the canal.


just a quick note to anyone kind enough to fill in the questionnaire there are 2 pages of 5 questions totalling 10 questions.

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