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7 hours ago, ditchcrawler said:

I wonder if there will be a similar posting about the one at the top of Buckby, I assume its still there full of Gardner engine bits

CRT have been trying to action Ariel for a while as its over a year since she was moored, sorry, dumped there.

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3 minutes ago, David Mack said:

And having travelled vertically about 3 feet a few times.


However I think it highly unlikely that this counts when considering whether it has satisfied the "bona fide for navigation" requirement.

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On 15/10/2022 at 08:27, MtB said:



This is all a bit strange. Is the "HESPERUS" not in the tender care of Tooleys at Banbury?


It was moored on their service moorings IIRC back in the Spring and alternating between floating and sunk, and not creating a hazard or obstruction, except inasmuch as it was/is using one up a chunk of their precious mooring space.




Bit late to the party and all that but past it last month at Northbrook Lock (I think)

Got quite a twist on it



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I don't know the recent ownership history of this boat but this must be at least the third time it's been for sale in a few years. 

It's always seemed to be advertised for what on paper appears to be a realistic price, albeit I appreciate that is often the case with wooden boats. 


I do hope that each of the recent owners has done the required looking after and maintenance of the wooden hull, because if not that price suddenly looks a lot less appealing and could end up being the demise of the boat if it's low price attracts the wrong sort of owner.

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I thought Progress looked familiar. She was featured in July’s Waterways World - being used as a travelling stage for music performances on the Oxford Canal. I think that’s why she’s got the rope around the deck - to stop over enthusiastic musicians from falling in. 
Maybe the venture didn’t make as much money as the owner thought it would…


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Progress is a lovely boat - albeit narrow 🙂


I docked caulked and tarred her before I sold her a few years back and from what I can see her next custodians repaired her cabin and decking and repainted - looks a really nice job as well. 🙂 I bought the engine spares from another forum member and sold them with her.


Her hull was good except she has a hole straight through on the right hand bottom side plank right on the bend where she curves into her bow - its the longest plank in her where the grain in the plank is open -  we put a few blocks and horse shit in and a galv plate over that and bent it under her bottom planks - its right on the bottom boards about half the hight of the plank ( new buyers were aware with photos ) - but youd need to be careful boating and moving her around imo 🙂


...Id buy her back in a heart beat for the right money despite this - she didnt suit my family use at the time but shes a lovely boat no doubt..



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