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No the Bradley Canal can be fully restored fom the Walsall Canal to the Rotten Brunt Shortening along that to the old main line and right up to Tup Street where this bridge needs to be raised. There is a tight spot between the houses near the Bradley Hall Branch junction though.


As to Hednesford Basin, I have not been up there for some years, I presume the BCN cottages have gone.


Ray Shill

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A couple of photos of an obscure local canal.








Links to a couple of pictures and a map of a local obscure canal. It ran from Boiling Wells Quarry at Greylees to Castle Causeway, Sleaford, about 2 miles away. It predates and was never connected to the Sleaford Navigation, although the latter's act of parliament intended it to do so, as it was never completed through the town. The owners of this remote section of navigable river Slea took the Sleaford Navigation's Company of Proprietors to court to try to force them to complete their line as proposed, but lost the case.


The towpath is extant and is a public right of way along virtually the entire route.


The proposed, but never built, Grantham & Sleaford Junction Canal of 1831 would have used this line as well as the unbuilt Sleaford town centre section.


Interestingly, had it been built the Grantham & Sleaford Junction Canal would have had an even longer tunnel than Standedge

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