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Hello All,.

I don't know if this topic is really relevant. I just asking because spoke to couple of boaters one weekend in part of Manchester. As my previous posts indicate I am a 'Newbee' and looking into living on Canals well as finding out maybe Pitfalls.

My Q. is I spoke to a lady on this boat and lady informed me about the risk or not of surveys. She said (Not her boat) which the lady had built from the shell then they fitted out themselves. But a friend had bought a meduim size boat..done all right things thus thought she had a good survey done on it by a qualified person. To cut a long story short the Ultra sonic survey had missed a bad part on the boat which nearly resulted in the boat sinking. Before she took action & had get lifted out water.

My Q. is that personally at price of the survey for boats £1,000 in my thinking this should not be happening at prices like this! Can anybody tell me what come back would this ladys friend on this survey she had done!?

To me this is quite alot of money to loose when think found your perfect boat and then again have shell out around same amount another poss boat seen! or another. This is where I am slight put off on the Narrowboats because at this price I think you should be getting good, 1st class, sound surveys done by people who not looking to make quick buck on behalf of the boater or possible buyer.

Can anybody enlighten me on this topic or about how to make survey not so risky.

My last Q. Are Ex-hire boats a safe buy than normal used ones??

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I read your post with great interest. Which country do you come from?

Ex-hire boats should be a good buy because they have to be well maintained whilst they are in hire service.


This isn't written in that unusual patois that's a unique combination of Irish and English (with a few additional slang thrown in for good measure) - is it?





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all the surveys iv'e seen are written in watertight legaleze, nothing is directly stated, so there's no come back, which is why you paid them in the first place, for their expert opinion, and something solid to base your decision on, which all turns out to be legally worthless.


can you guess i'm not a fan of surveyors ?

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We have rejected a boat on the basis of the survey. The £200 lifting fee and £250 hull survey have just saved us around £16k of work so for us it was well worth it.


The boat we now have an offer on had a survey 10 months ago and the hull was in good condition and the boat blacked at that time so we will not have it surveyed again so soon.



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