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Thank you to all members who participated in the member survey. Based on the results you have provided, the site crew and I have looked at the issues raised and propose the following.


Firstly, looking at the poll.


- A staggering 54% of you said that you wouldn't improve the site at all! That's great, we are pleased that our efforts are rewarded. However, I feel that nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement.


- 41% of you said that it's ok but could be better. Again, we're pleased to see we've got it mostly right. I will address the individual comments made later.


- Approximately 3% of people said that we need lots of improvement. That's fine, we can't please everybody, however I do wish that those who have said this would specify how they would like to see it changed.



- It appears that a number of people would be interested in an e-shop of some sort or another. This is certainly something that we will look to implement, however there are a couple of issues I need to iron out in relation to the day job before I can implement this, so it may take a short while. I will post a further poll to see what kind of things people are looking for.


- It also appears that there would be some people who would like a 'blog' facility. This can be added to the site fairy easily and it will be something that we will implement in the near future. Watch this space for more info.


- The idea of enhanced membership is dealt with below


- It certainly seems it may be worthwhile to look at the option of discreet advertising as a method if site income. Watch this space for more information.


Moving on to the comments made by members. We are again very grateful for the feedback. In response:


Snibble said "I really do not like the idea of enhanced membership as in my opinion this could end up being devisive". This was echoed by Amicus, Bullfrog, Janet S, DaveR, and dhutch. I think you have all highlighted an aspect of this option which I had not thought of. I have seen the system impletemented on another forum which I regularly post on, and it seems to have worked there. I don't like the idea of taking money off people if they are not getting anything extra in return. However, on thinking about it some more, I concur that diving membership into categories could spoil the forum 'atmosphere' and therefore I'm binning this idea.


dhutch and supermalc mentioned the reply " button. This is a good point well made, I'll change the button to something clearer. It was also mentioned about images in quotes. Unfortunately the forum system does not allow me to stop this. For those on limited bandwidth, you will only download the image once. It will then repeat itself as often as the file is in your temporary internet files.


AnnC mentioned a chat room. Thanks for your suggestion. I have thought of this before and I do appreciate the fact that members want to chat in real time. There are however 2 problems with chat rooms. The first is that it will take away posts from the forum, and I would be worried about it causing the quality of discussion and the number of posts made to fall. Secondly, chat rooms are very difficult to 'police'. We have a commitment to maintain quality, friendly discussion and it has been shown on the forum many times that members get very passionate. When the posts are in the public domain, staff can be quickly alerted and the post closed/edited/deleted. Unfortunately in a chatroom things can become very heated very quickly and there won't always be staff around to deal with it. I therefore can't afford the risk of installing a chat room. Sorry.


Golden Duck mentioned more details in profiles. This can easily be added and will be done shortly. Thanks for the suggestion.


Several members mentioned about links in signatures. This is an issue which keeps on coming around. Firstly, the reason why we stopped links in signatures is because unfortunately a member linked to a very contraversial site which result in legal threats being made against this site. At that point we decided to ask members to remove links from their signatures to prevent such circumstances coming about again.

Since then, we have tried to enforce the rule, but I am the first to admit a few have slipped through the net.

I appreciate were are somewhat unique in this view point and it hasn't always been a popular decision.

I am currenly speaking with the other site crew members about a solution to this problem, so as of yet I have not reached a final decision on this.


Sunlion suggested a seperate area for each canal and navigation. As I have said previously, I am considering a review of the forum structure. I have been thing of adding a regional section (possibly for BW regions) to allow for such discussion. One problem we need to avoid is too many forums. If you try to spread the posts too thin, it gives this impression of an under used forum. Leave this with me, I'll have a think on the best way to implement it. Thanks.


There are a couple of points that other members of the site crew have mentioned. The first is more clear and comprehsive instructions of how to use the forum system. We are now working on a guide that provides users basic information on how to use the forum system. If there is anything that you would like to see added then please let me know.


I think I have answered all of the points raised (if I haven't, let me know!). If you have any further comments and suggestions then please let me know.


Comments are welcomed in the 'Member Survey Results' thread in the Suggestions forum. Link to follow shortly.




I am looking at window stickers. I have obtained a price of approximately £2.50 per full colour sticker. This can come down if we generate enough orders.


Please see http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4296 for more info.


Many thanks,



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