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Interior paint - which to use?


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I'm about to repaint the interior of my boat to brighten it up and am not sure which paint to use. It's been suggested that I should first use a primer suitable for bathrooms/dampl places to limit future mould/mildew, but I'm not sure what I should use as the top coat. Can I just use normal house paint? I will be painting over tongue and groove.


Suggestions of brands and any further specifications would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you.

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Use solvent based wood primer, undercoat and top coat (ie gloss satin or whatever)

I'd be inclined to use paints specified as suitable for experior use.


In theory the new water based paints will work inside but I have heard that water based acrylic paints are more brittle and susceptible to chipping.


Most of the big name makes are reliable.

I usually use Johnstones.

They have a pretty good website and you can get technical help without wasting money and patience going through an 08xxx numbered automated switboard.


PS see also my post at 12-36 on getting your paint cheap.

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We used Dulux Trade Flat Matt straight on to ply, it's washable and has a high pigment content, in fact we just put one temporary coat on and five years later it's still going strong. Bit pricey though but Dulux will mix it to any colour in their extensive range.



ETA. This is a water based paint.

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For emulsions we used those recommended for bathrooms and kitchens, these tend to be better when moisture is about but mainly you can clean these emulsions with a damp sponge without taking too much paint off.


The only other paint we used internally was in the engine room walls where we used exterior gloss after priming and undercoating. It's held up really well and easy to touch up if necessary.

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As has been said, the water based paints are, in my experiance, prone to chipping and also do not cover as well. I have now returned to oil based paints but it looks as if the major DIY sheds are only stocking water based paints. The Dulux trade centers are a good source and Midland Chandlers are now doing their own range of oil based paints

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