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play for today ATLANTIS

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has anybody got a copy of play for today called ATLANTIS

thanks Bob

HI, Yes I have a copy of the play Atlantis. A VHS copy.


The play was not based on Malcolm Braine at all, it was based on James Yates of Yates Boat Yard, and the reason i know this is I am James Yates only grand daughter. Sarah Ann Yates, for which I am most proud.


In fact, I can tell you that my grandfather was slightly offended by the play, if I recall. There was great excitement in our house when the 9pm Play for today. came on and I rememeber my grandad commenting at the end he would never have built a boat so 'wrong' and also the black country accent was 'over emphasized'!


Matt from Canal Transport Services and I are the same age and knew each other well in our early child hood as his family lived on a boat on the yard, I can possibly see why Matt thought it was based on M E BRaine boatbuilders, but, I can confirm it wasnt. Many alunch was spent with Peter Thurson trying to 'teach' him to speak like my granddad.



I have numerous memorabelia about the Yard, how the The Three Diamonds came about, The 'Yates Brothers' (James and Alex)and also the original James 'Machin' Yates,


The boats Mr James Yates built, and, on the play Atlantis. I have pictures of the crew, their canteen on our yard and there social activity with the Yates Family. Canal Transport Services and Graham Edgson are all part of the Yates Boat Yard but the main person and how indeed it all started was James Yates.


My grandads last boat he owned and had built on the yard was 'Dolphin no17'. He also had a boat built for my parents 'The Golden EAgle' and had a boat built and named after me when I was born in 1967 called 'The Sarah Ann'. I could list the other boats he had but obviously these were before I was born.


I still own part of the yard along with my husband, should you wish to contact me for any further Yates Bros information Id be happy to answer any questions you may have

[email protected]

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