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2 hours ago, Henry said:

There is a big chance she may still be there if not she will be in gas Street basin

I remember Erebus in Gas St. basin when Bill Brookes  first had it - 40ish  years ago......

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On 17/08/2010 at 09:34, Paul H said:

Its good to see Erebus again - some boats just disappear off the radar but given it is out of the water in an out of the way yard this is not surprising.


I have no idea who built the original hull but it will be probably beforer 1900 - whether it was for the Ashby Canal I doin't know because in view of its narrowness it might have been more suited to the Shrophire tub boat canals. I believe the counter was put on by Malcolm Pearson, an extremely good if sporadic boatbuilder - I think he ended up at Sirius Yachts.


Erebus is a cute boat with a lovely engine but would not I fear be an easy boat to own. Firstly it is extremely narrow - only 5ft 6ins - which severely compromises accommodation and it is alarmingly unstable. I stepped on it when it was for sale about 15 years ago at Warwickshire Fly and the boat rolled so much the gunnel touched water. The boat at the time was fitted with a cooking stove on gimbals which it certainly needed.


I have pictures somewhere of it at Gas Street and it was later owned by an eccentric Frenchman in London (and pictured on the cover of Waterways World breaking ice.) I last saw it about 10 years ago in the workshop at Milton Keynes Marina having the cabin skinned over in steel (which will not have improved its stability) with some very fine work including dog's head shaped ends to the handrails by Pete there.


Its a very easy boat to fall in love with but before you part with your cash Natalie I would suggest you got them to put it in the water so you can judge for yourself - you are most likely not to be as heavy or clumsy as me.


I often wonder if it was the boat I saw in the late 70s in City Road Basin with big timber baulks as outriggers making it a 7ft wide trimaran. If not there's another one about somewhere.



Hi Paul do you think you could share with us the pictures you may have of Erebus at gas street

On 11/09/2010 at 20:47, Speedwheel said:


I have loads of pictures if anyone wants them emailed.


Mum knows the boat and said that it rocks very very badly (or very well depending on how you look at it), and this is a comment coming from someone who lived on Baltic for the best part of 4-5 years.

Hi would you please email me any pictures you may have of Erebus fatherof [email protected] thanks

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Quite a poor photo but Erebus at Gas Street in January 1981.  Note no front cabin.  Im sure Speedwheel has lots of pics but he doesnt seem to post anymore - perhaps if you PMd him he'll get a notification.




Edited by Paul H

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