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Vetus 55kg Bow Thruster problem

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My Vetus 55 bow thruster has started misbehaving after 3 years use. When in service the motor speed is very erratic changing from normal to almost stopped, slightly worse in one direction, almost as if the batteries are shot (2 x Numax Marine110ah). I have done the following :- Had the batteries checked at a battery dealer with a digimeter type tester and also a drop tester and they hold volts ok under heavy load so declared healthy; checked prop and no debris; All connections on motor and batteries cleaned and tightened, checked motor brushes and not much wear and free to move in boxes. None of which made much difference. The only other thing I can think of that might cause the problem is the motor contacts but I don't know how to get to them and a bit afraid of doing some damage. So PLEASE could anyone help me with a discription (foto's if pos) of how to remove and replace these contacts. Help would be much appreciated. Many thanks. ---- tosher

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The fact that it's worse in one direction than the other points very strongly to the brushes.


Failing that, check the contactor surfaces. Don't abrade them, they're plated for a reason.

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the other problem I encountered was low volts at the thruster, under load. The contactor needs full voltage to avoid chatter.

Low volts was because I connected the thruster directly from the starter battery with long welding cables.

Cured by fitting a 'repeater' battery local to the thruster in parallel with the starter battery supply. One charging system for both batteries, keeps it simple.

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Could be pitting on the commutator, may need undercutting on a lathe.


Could be pitting on the commutator, may need undercutting on a lathe grinding down with some 80s grit.

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Grit not shit :lol:

I was watching the filming of Crossroads many years ago and watched Sandy Richardson wheel his way across the set, get out of his wheelchair to stretch his legs, sit back down, then wheel himself back into the scene :lol:

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