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Boat Safety Examiner Chris Williams

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Boat Safety Examiner / Chris Williams / Ovation Boat Services




For the last six years Chris has been undertaking Boat Safety Examinations and LPG gas work on boats. Chris undertakes Boat Safety Examinations on all types of boats including live aboard or residential. Gas work includes installation, repair and certificates. Annual Land Lord checks for Hire Boats also being included.

The area covered by Ovation Boats Services is broadly the Midlands with a focus around Braunston, Leicester and Nottingham. Main base is Sileby near Loughborough where Chris has lived on the water for the last 10 years on Ex GUCC working butty Moon with partner Marie.


Chris has been involved in the inland waterways from school, when from the age of 15 he enjoyed a number of canal holidays.

After leaving school, Chris was a part-time boatman for London Borough of Hillingdon Youth and Community Services for a number of years, before owning a number of boats of differing styles, and extensively travelling the inland canal and river network.


Until 2008, Chris owned the ex-working narrow boat "Skylark", taking her back to full working boat trim following extensive restoration. During this time he delivered several commercial loads with "Skylark", most notable was the transportation of cobblestones for Chris Coburn of Lee Sanitation, as seen on the Carlton TV series "Water world" and often repeated on Sky Discovery channel. For the last couple of years Chris has owned a 36 feet water travel tug named Chug. Due to refurbishment it has not been out much. Hopefully this will change during 2010.


Main land line number is 01509 812225 although the mobile is often the best way to contact me 07963 974793 and not forgetting email off course, chris@ovationboatservices.co.uk

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