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Vactan Rust treatment

David Schweizer

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I recently wrote to Paco Systems, enquiring about drying times for Vactan, and received a very helpful reply.


I had experienced some problems with small areas of paint bubbling only a few weeks after it had been applied on top of the Vactan treatment, despite adhering to the 2 hour drying period advocated on their Technical Data sheet,. However, I did not experince the problem when 24 hours was left between applying the Vactan and applying the first coat of primer paint, and wondered whether this is a more sensible time regime to follow


My initial response referred me to the Technical data sheet, but a second, more detailed enquiry by myself produced the following helpful response from their represenative Paul J Piggott. I thought others could find the reply useful.


"I agree wholeheartedly, and as one document used to say:


Allow coats to cure hard before top-coating to avoid bleed through into the topcoat. Curing time may be the next day in summer or may be a few days in winter, and thicker patches will take longer to dry than thin patches. Blowing warm air greatly speeds up curing time. Recoating time may be within a few hours after drying at 20’C, however it could be the next day or longer if colder.


Unfortunately whereas paints are designed to be used under specific conditions, when it can then be predicted as to their drying and curing characteristics, Vactan is not a real paint neither purely a chemical, and it is used in many diverse locations and conditions, where temperature, humidity, air movement etc can vary, as well as the thickness of the rust being treated, not to mention the experience of the user.


My personal opinion would be that, if possible, leave for 24 hours to ensure a full cure and then check that the coating is hard before proceeding with a top coat."


The period of time betwen my initial enquiry and the second response was less than two hours, so well done to Paco for a good internet support system.

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I just did a search for Vactan drying times and up came this post from almost 10 years ago.... probably bears repeating for anyone using the stuff now.

Looks like it's always worth leaving at least 24 hours before overcoating...

I was merely trying to find out how soon I can rest one end of a starter battery on it. 

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18 hours ago, Richard10002 said:

probably bears repeating for anyone using the stuff now


 Could I politely request you post your reminders a week earlier in the future, many thanks. 

At least a bit of sunshine today to redo the job. 

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