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60 Years ago - Stratford

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5 hours ago, max's son said:

11th July 1964 the Queen Mother opened the Stratford canal



strart1 (5).jpg



Nice to see Cygnus there, a more recent Cygnus picture 59 years 352 or so days later. 


and 59 days 245 days later. Lovely paintwork. 



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Thank you for your pictures it’s always nice to see different angles - views of her. The video was taken on the Sunday after the parade when we decided to have our own little jolly when it was quiet 😀


OTLEY and CYGNUS were actually working as a pair and were together for a few years in the early 2000’s until around 2010 when they were split up. 


I have quite a few old pics of CYGNUS also with different motors, some old pics and some modern ones. I do have some more of the Stratford rally as well. Somewhere. 

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The steerer of Cygnus is very skillful I must say. I think that’s Duchess that does it.  Unless it’s the steerer of Ottley that makes it look easy for the butty to steer. It’s probably both. 🤣 


What happened to Coleshill, the motor at Stratford? Theres pictures of her being on the hard with restoration planned.


Apologies for diverting away from The original posting which was such an important part of the restoration story of inland waterways. 

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21 minutes ago, Rob-M said:

The river festival has been cancelled for this year so nothing happening as part of that.

Yep, the river festival would have been last weekend, we were going before it was cancelled, which is why the boat is in Stratford at the moment!

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Today (11 July) is the 60th anniversary of the official reopening of the South Stratford Canal by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on 11th July 1964.

I don't think there are any events planned to celebrate this date, unfortunately. 

Does anyone have any personal memories of the event ( or the canal restoration) which they would like to share with us ?


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Pisces at the 1964 Stratford IWA Festival of Boats, moored alongside Joe Skinner's Friendship. Joe can be seen standing on the foredeck of Friendship in the B &W  photo.







Edited by David Schweizer
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