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Buckingham Canal


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On 17/09/2023 at 14:50, LEO said:

Thanks, film good but dialogue - very poor, speak more slowly, lots of useful info, but gabble ruined it....

I'm afraid I agree with Leo here - the content of your videos is great Steve, and you have obviously put a lot of effort into them, but they are completely spoilt by the fact it is difficult to understand what you are saying. Please, please, please can you talk slower and more clearly. You might find it easier if you had a script to follow instead of making it up on the spot. Maybe Paul Whitewick can help you? His videos are much easier to listen to. 

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Guys I’m sorry you struggle to hear me but please understand this is something that’s not exactly natural to me. I’m a plumbing and heating engineer in real life and have no experience in creating content, I kind of started making these videos by accident, originally only making the first videos as I wanted to get some drone footage of my local restoration which I’m a volunteer/member.

People often complain about my accent like I can just put another one on. I tried working to scripts but I found it a nightmare, i hated every minute of it and found it difficult to follow and I didn’t enjoy it, I missed loads as found it difficult to follow. I keep notes/screenshots on my phone that I use but most is in my head, I cut a lot of it out and I’m working hard on the editing, again something that’s a steep learning curve. I’m working on talking slower and you’ll notice at times I’ve changed to overlay where I really rambled, it is something I’m working on but I’ve always spoken quickly, my dad used to tell me off all the time when I was a kid, especially before I hit puberty and I was squeeky and fast 😂


Bear with me and I’ll try my best to take a breath and slow things down. Part of the issue is I say umm a lot, again because it’s in my head and not a script so I’ve probably gone too hard on the edits. I’ve got a couple of videos already recorded, one is massively overlay and the other 2 are made or in edit. I’ll be filming again in a few weeks where I promise I’ll try and slow it down.

BTW I talk to Paul regularly he’s a top bloke and his videos are amazing compared to mine. He’s taught me a lot already and continues to offer me advice, he’s massively improved my channel and I owe him so much for all his help. 

The other issue I have is I go out and film and I end up with about half an hour to an hours worth of talking on some videos. I don’t like making videos longer than 12 minutes, 14 at an absolute tops, 8-10 is ideal. The issue is I have to cut so much out on the edit, which all creators do, so I tend to cut out any silent sections, I think it’s something I need to reduce as I feel I’m cutting way too much and almost not giving anyone chance for a pause. The issue is all those seconds add up and make videos which I fear people will switch off from or not even watch due to the length. 

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In the 1950's and 60's, articles about a model railway called "The Buckingham Branch" used to make regular appearances in model railway magazines in its various incarnations as its owner moved house and modified it to fit each new location. It originally included a canal, but at one point this got removed. A number of followers apparently formed an unofficial  Buckingham Canal Preservation Society and implored the owner to re-instate the canal, which he duly did. 

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8 minutes ago, Goliath said:

I’ve started working through your videos and I like those I’ve seen. 
I like your style, you get in as much as you can. 
You simply get on with. 
Keep up the good work👍

The early ones the sound was a bit rubbish, they were recorded on my phone, as said above I was never really planning on doing anything other than capturing some shots for the Wilts and Berks canal trust. It slowly gets better as I get kit and learn how to use it! 

Thanks for the kind words though, I hope you enjoy the collection!

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