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Unlimited fines for dumping sewage


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3 hours ago, Loddon said:

I assume you have googled it ;)



3 hours ago, magnetman said:

I didn't. 


You really want to watch the videos available based on the #wankpanzer tag search.


Enlightening is the word.  I suspect the previous generation of BMW drivers have "upgraded" to Range Rovers ....

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7 hours ago, Loddon said:

If they are not full already are they allowed to fill them? Unless of course they are plumbed in with proper pipework.


Looking forward to the next six months of wankpanzers being driven by idiots.  

Thank you! I had to Google wankpanzers and I am very pleased to add that to my dictionary! I always called them penis extensions previously but wankpanzers is so much more satisfying 😊

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