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Time for Python's Docking

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This springtime will see us take Python back to Paul Barber's Boatyard for a fresh coat of blacking to look after all that investment we made in re-bottoming her. 


It seems incredible now that she is working so hard with teams of volunteers maintaining The Chesterfield Canal, that she ever spent 2 years sitting on the bank waiting to be restored. We rarely get a day when we are short of volunteers to join us and we more often have to turn people away because we simply don't have room for them. The local community have taken this boat to their hearts and will actually miss her when she leaves the canal for docking (we actually got told off for not planning it for the winter so it was done in downtime - they don't understand how inhospitable  and unreliable The tidal Trent can be in winter when you are relying on volunteers to sleep under canvas as they deliver the boat to the boatyard. The plus side is we specifically booked the docking so that we can attend the festival at Langley Mill while we are in the area! 

That seemed like a great plan, now we just need to raise some money for the docking, the blacking and some new rear fenders. Aunty Wainwright was going to have to get busy again ...

Then a lovely neighbour on our moorings asked if I could sell this:




Well of course I can! It obviously has some age to it as it is well made and heavy and it has been used since it was painted so it is not just an old horse feed scoop that has been painted up to look pretty. Does anyone want to give it a new home? 


What is that I hear you say? A nice old painted horse feed scoop isn't going to pay for docking the boat - You are quite correct. This is just an incidental item I have for sale that might interest someone here. What actually happened was I talked to our friends Natasha and Paul on Nbwakamatandoto and they said they would set up a crowdfunder to raise funds for the costs! 


So here am I feeling a little redundant as the lovely people from the community who have taken Python are digging deep and popping their fivers in the GoFundMe pot. That means I don't need to share a delectable array of highly desirable commodities to temp you to get your wallets out. so you can breathe a sigh of relief, unless you really want to support Python by popping a bit into the fund for docking costs - in which case - please click here: 



Now then - anyone got an 'oss they need a feed scoop for? As much as these goFundMe things are wonderful, they are nowhere near as much fun as the traditional way I relieve you with the contents of your wallets ;) 

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10 hours ago, TheBiscuits said:

I bid a fiver for a ticket to go wild camping on Python on red boards on the Trent, on the way to get hull repairs.


It's a gift for someone else ... 😁



As always, so selfless, generous and giving! Obviously the advert was wrong, it isn't only because The Lady Loves Milk Tray! 


I am sorry to disappoint you but Python goes nowhere on red boards! Now re you sure I can't interest you in that painted feed scoop? It has been suggested they might be Braunston Roses? 


I mean, just look at the decoration:




Meanwhile - the crowdfunder goes from strength to strength and I don't think it is any coincidence that there were a couple of sizeable and generous donations jmade just after I posted the details here. This good forumites of this parish have always been so supportive of Python and she would not be doing what she does now if it had not been for the significant support received from folks here when she needed a new bottom. Thank you whoever you are. 


We would love to get to the half way mark before the AGM tonight so if anyone has a little they can spare to nudge the total in the right direction it would be much appreciate





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