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Bulldog narrow boat stairs help

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Hi, so Rosie my bulldog cannot use or make the stairs to exit or enter the boat.  Shei is quite large and lovingly lazy in a good way.  How can I adapt the stairs for entry and exit rather than it just being me living her up which is really hard for ascending and scary for descending.  Any suggestions.  Thanks Debx

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Put her on a diet 😊.

The steps will be all new to your dog and you may have to encourage her to go up and down them with treats till she gets the hang of it. Unless she is elderly and has joint problems that breed should manage boat steps. 

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We use a folding ramp to get the dog off the boat when the bank is either higher or lower than the side of the boat.

Maybe something similar can be used on your steps ?


This sort of thing - used for getting big old dogs into a car :






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It would help if you can give a bit more info. Can Rosie get on and off the boat unaided? What is the configuration of the stairs? How high/how many? Have you got room for a removable plank ramp (and somewhere to store it when not in use)? Would you be able to get in and out of the boat with a ramp in place?

Photos of the existing stairs might help us to advise.

And photos of Rosie will be appreciated by some on here. 🙂

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When our dog started struggling with the steps, With the help of a friend, I built a set of removeable steps which turn the corner round the end of the bed to the rear doors. Our effort also enables easy access for a dog to the end of the bed. The existing steps remain in situ as partial support for the new steps, and the top step is the top step of old and new.


This was after trying all kinds of other things, like ramps ..... none of which could remain in situ, and were a ballsache :( 


This pic is a professional example of my Heath Robinson affair :) 




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