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Things you've dropped in the cut...


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Don't ask!

Moral, don't leave lightweight stuff on pontoon in gusty weather, it wasn't going to be for long!

It travelled a long way once underwater and required two boathooks taped together.


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12 hours ago, Bacchus said:



That's awkward. You'll never get a copper out with a sea-magnet...

I didn't even attempt a recovery.  The most help seemed to be to keep out of the way and allow his mates to retrieve him.

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10 minutes ago, Tacet said:

I didn't even attempt a recovery.  The most help seemed to be to keep out of the way and allow his mates to retrieve him.


5 minutes ago, Nightwatch said:

Was he ‘bobbying’ about?


To be fair, with the feet flattened by years on the beat, he should have been a pretty good swimmer...


Not sure that it appeels though.

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A little selection of ones that come to mind


- An obligatory Nicholson's guide. Whipped off the roof with a mooring line about 1990. Retrieved from the cut, dried and all crinkled but still around today.

- An impact driver, forgot it had been left on the roof, got underway and it rolled off with a splash, never to be seen again. About five years ago.

- Myself in the canal and lakes a few times over the years, a dog on a couple. Fortunately none involving injury but lost a phone on one of those occasions.

- The spring retained ball bearing out of the end of my outboard fuel line connector.  Didn't have a spare so lots of cursing and faffing to go get another. Was on the mooring but taught me the necessity on the river of carrying spares of more than just shear-pin, plugs etc, and not to take things apart over water!

- The one I find quite ironic is the half-dozen vintage bottles that slid off the rack on my kayak as a kid in the mid 80s. I'd gone exploring a dredge heap they'd thrown up on the offside of the canal. Dug out a few interesting old bottles and broken plates. Put them on my homemade wooden, rack covering me and the kayak in dredge sludge. Rack wasn't held securely enough so it just deposited them back into the canal from where they'd only recently been liberated. Being still full of crud they sank pretty promptly.


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Best: A coal scuttle in Saltford marina dropped by me. It had corroded such that it sank vertically due to the holes, and could be pulled back out the same way by the handle using a boat hook. Didn't last very long after that, though, obviously.

Worst: The only key to a second (or possibly 5th)-hand car in the same marina by my husband. Fortunately there was a main dealer within walking distance who; after furnishing them with the registration number, proof of ownership, and some time and money; got us a new key.

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My prescription sunglasses at the finish line of one of the BCN Challenges (2019, I think)
A cordless drill the OH had borrowed from a client in order to fit our 'lump of oak' seat. I whipped out my extending landing net (previously declared 'unnecessary clutter') and fished it out pretty quickly. Funnily enough, Himself now tolerates be bringing my assorted 'good ideas' onto the boat 😇
Numerous mooring pins, the most memorable being both pulled out while we took an 'afternoon nap'. It was only the blackberry bushes on the opposite side of the canal brushing the window that alerted us to the fact we were drifting away
Bottle opener (on Friday) - the one with the corkscrew. My only bottle of wine onboard actually has a cork! Luckily I am resourceful or it could have been a dry weekend 😙
A packet of cheese and chive pastry straws, last night on the Limehouse cut


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I soon learned to put a rope though the mooring pin loop, my first mooring attempt.

Spare key for bike lock.

Litter picker.

I've lost my master set of keys with S/s shackle. I now have two  sets with two cork floats and a third for use at locks, just a BW key on a float and a foot long floating string, it is kept at the helm.




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