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These new log burner rules.......


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19 hours ago, Ronaldo47 said:

We don't need to buy firewood, but yesterday at our local farm shop, I saw net bags of hardwood on sale at £7.50 each, slightly cheaper if you bought three. 


I thought back to the aftermath of the 1987 hurricane. We have a lot of trees in our area, and the council brought the fallen trees to a field in a local park where they were mostly disposed of in a massive bonfire that burned continuously for more than 3 months.  Many of the trees had been sawn into medium-sized logs for ease of handling, and anyone was welcome to come and help themselves for free to get rid of them. Not many log-burning stoves in use then! 

When i started in the Arb business, over 20yrs ago you couldn't give timber away, I still remember calling at local farms asking if they wanted a transit load for free and being repeatedly turned down, finding a "log dump" was a real bonus.

Now even when working in inner city locations as soon as a site is set up the log goblins turn up asking for some timber, leave a load roadside anywhere overnight and it's been taken by the morning.


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10 hours ago, Cheshire cat said:

What other way is there. I've had builder's bags and they aren't particularly tightly packed



Our local supplier supplies it in 'a log box' (a pallet with sides) and the wood is cut to fit and is properly stacked - not just randomly thrown in - so you do get a full 1 cubic metre box with minimum air spaces

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10 hours ago, gatekrash said:

One of my local suppliers will do it in uncut lengths, 4 to 6 foot or so each, process yourself. You need to buy a reasonable amount off him though as it has to be over the 2m3 cutoff for dry wood sales as there's no way he can guarantee it being dry at that length. Works out about 2/3 of the price for the same amount I'd get loose in dumpy bags. Still extortionate compared to what I was paying when we put the stove in 25 years ago though and firewood was at giveaway prices to take it off people's hands!

I bought oak barrel staves this year to start fires, never bought wood before, still have plenty to put on the stove of well seasoned wood cut down by CRT contractors, got a load only week before last, maybe half a ton could be more 

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On 09/03/2023 at 09:24, Chewbacka said:

Have a read of these



Many reasonable questions you can ask the council, starting with “how much smoke is reasonable” as the legislation clearly allows some smoke from correctly burned  approved smokeless fuel.  What evidence do they have that you were emitting excessive smoke.  Etc

Ask them for the time and duration of the incident, and evidence, opinion is not evidence. Who reported you?

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