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Bridgewater EOG Moorings?

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Being aware of the Bridgewater mooring regulations, what is the situation with and end of garden boat mooring?  Could you sleep on it or use it as visitor accommodation?


Are all those boats on the canal that never move complying with the regs?


How would you get a platinum license if on an EOG?


Somebody on here must have done it.  I am aPEELing that you tell us.

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From the Bridgewater Canal Company T & C's you are not allowed to live aboard on any permanent moorings on the Bridgewater nor is it allowed to be sublet without their written permission. The exceptions appear to be Preston Brook Marina and Stretford Marina where an additional residential licence is required on top of marina fee's.


With regard to End of Garden moorings there are further criteria.

1) The owner of the land must also be the owner of the boat that wishes to moor
2) There is a fee of £40 per metre + VAT (2017 prices), per annum, payable to the Bridgewater Canal Company

3) If a mooring is approved then a full Bridgewater Licence will be required.

4) No residential mooring without written permission and if allowed possibly subject to an additional fee.

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