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Cooke small windlass mystery

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5 hours ago, ditchcrawler said:


I think all nearly all the old canal photos of boaters are staged, I would suspect inside the cabin it would be quite a long exposure, not point and click like today.


Bit like this.


Just now, Jon57 said:

Bit like this.




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4 minutes ago, magnetman said:

My bitch had one of those on her collar but I don't have any pictures. She was terrible at doing the locks. 

We all have our cross to bear 🤣🤣🤣

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On 18/01/2023 at 08:37, Ray T said:

The museum at Stoke Bruerne has a couple of these. Some boaters hung them up in the cabin along with their ribbon / lace plates.

l believe the Cooke windlass were made at Wheelock Cheshire. They were known as a “welluck.”

The full-size ones were much prized by boaters as they still are today.


ETA the cut outs in the head may have been a way of personalising the windlass.



Mrs Skinner 1944.jpg



I knew I had seen that image in a book. Just found it!

As shown in Shiela Stewart's 'Ramlin Rose', The Boatwoman's Story. This depicts Ada Skinner (née Monk) in the cabin of a 'change boat' towards the end of WWII, while her regular boat was being used in the film 'Painted Boats'. Ada married Jack Skinner, Brother of Joe Skinner of 'Friendship'.


Also mentioned in the final chapter of 'Ramlin Rose', 'Rose' mentions that after they left the boats and went on the bank, amongst her various nick-nacks she had kept: "Granny Statham's Little Cooke's winluss".

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Thread drift.

There was also a Jack Skinner a cousin of Joe who married another Rose who had a daughter Joyce.

It all gets very confusing at times!

1st Photo CRT Archive Bill Taylor & Jack Skinner during a stoppage at The Two Boats Long Itchington.

Second The Canals of England, Eric DeMare. Rose with daughter Joyce.

Bill Taylor & Jack Skinner outside the 2 boats Stockton.jpg

Rose Skinner (Jack).jpg.jpeg

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