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5/16 fuel pipe


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Renewed  my feed and return fuel pipes

only renewed from the fuel tank to first big filter

thats positioned about a metre and a half from the tank

not all the way to the small diesel filter on the engine SR2 

the ones that I renewed were held fast with closed cell foam 

don't think the pipes have seen daylight since the section of the bow 

that I had to remove was counter sunk brass screws2inch and then the screw hole puttyed up

16ft cheverton 1968 not foaming it up again could I use small u clips that is used for electric cable

To hold the pipes and steady them 

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I think you are talking about a small GRP cruiser and if so i am not sure the hull is thick enough to take screws without them coming out the other side. You may have to glue/glass a wooden batten to the side so you can screw into it. If you have GRP stringer that looks like you could screw into it just take a bit of care, the actual GRP could be thin with the rest being paper rope or balsa wood.

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5 minutes ago, Roxylass said:

Will try that Tony

once I have made fast with batten 

can I use aforementioned clamps 

plaque on the boat says

SMB suitable for carrying 8 persons


As far as I know the BSS has nothing to say about the type of clamp but I would use the plastic coated P clips rather than bare metal saddle clips. The clamp needs to hold the pipe so it can't vibrate.


What has the plaque on the boat got to do with it? It's a fuel line, that is all.

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No the plaque has nothing to do with it at all built in 1968

the glass is rather thick on it but still go down the batten route

Also get some of the plastic coated p clips

Appreciate your help Tony

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