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Barrus Shire 43

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Hi All


I've a brand new Barrus Shire 43 on my new build narrowboat. 


It's barely been on... Last night, I turned it on for battery charging and after about 20 minutes, the engine revs started altering/hunting and the exhaust was pluming out thick white smoke.... I tried to rev it to see if that would clear it, but it actually made it worse.


Smoke was white. Very thick. 


What are the chances on a brand new engine eh? Anyone any ideas? I'm thinking an issue with injectors or coolant?

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White smoke is unburnt fuel is it not? Strong smell of diesel. Slightly different from steam, which doesn't smell much and disperses more quickly unless it is very cold. Anyway, if it is a brand new boat and engine surely it is for the builder to fix it? I had a slight problem with our new built boat and Beta 43 engine, although our contract was with the builder, he suggested it would be much better to get Beta out to sort it. Which was fair enough (although what actually happened next was a bit of a saga!)

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Thick white smoke is normally considered unburned fuel but the way the OP seems to describes it, it sounds lime more than water in the fuel to me. Unless the engine is not firing at all there will normally be a carbon component in the exhaust so it tends to be greyish, just like burning lube oil tends to be blueish, and the colours often get confused. If an injector stuck open then it would make clouds of vaporized fuel but the engine would be misfiring rather than surging. As Nick says, get onto the builder or vendor.

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Hi guys, tahnks for the responses. My fuel filter has a drain on it, so I turned fuel lines off and drained it. I've drained into the end of a plastic pop bottle. All looked like diesel to begin with but now it seems like tiny little spots of water, on the inside of the bottle right at the very bottom.... It did just start raining though at the same time, so worried it could be those just showing 😂

Does it take a while for the water to separate out from the filter when you've drained like that or would it be two separate liquids straight away? 

I've then put the engine back on and seems to be fine, but popping the revs up to 1500 did see one or two instances of it 'missing a beat' (?) or changing tone, but I have heard from Barrus directly that if I've no load/batteries this can happen and I've just had an outage with my battery system so leisures are currently disconnected at the moment. 



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6 hours ago, lewisericeric said:

Thanks everyone. Had some further unusual activity yesterday when high revving. Called Barrus who said all of it doesn't sound quite right, so they're coming up on Tuesday to have a look.



Revs often pick up with fuel starvation, usually just before it stops

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