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Busbar ratings?


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Is it possible to establish the ratings of busbars just by looking at them?


I've got a couple near the batteries and I have no idea what their current rating is. So I just wondered if these were a fairly common type or if anyone has seen them before and could give me any idea? 


I'm fitting a 2000w inverter (3000w intermittent) so I just need to know if they're adequately rated. I'm fitting a 250A fuse for the inverter but the busbar on the positive side is first in line from the batteries before the fuse. I have one of these on the positive side of the batteries and another on the negative side. 






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1 hour ago, blackrose said:

Something like this?


T Tocas 300A BusBar Box - Heavy-Duty Module Design Power Distribution Block with 4 x M8 Terminal Studs https://amzn.eu/d/7wR3C4h


The same ones are on eBay for about £25 each.

That seems extremely cheap for a 300amp busbar? The research I've done, they seem quite expensive at the higher amp range. I'd be a bit wary about trusting a no-name amazon seller for this. Maybe I'm wrong though. I was looking at the lynx distribution system, but that is both a negative and positive busbar.

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Is that cheap? 25 quid for an electrical connection seems quite expensive to me! 🤣


Anyway, I've bought a red and a black one from eBay for 50 quid in total, including postage. That particular model of busbar all look to be the same unit from every seller so I'm sure it's legit.

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