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Gifs - yes or no?


Gifs - yes or no?  

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  1. 1. Gifs - yes or no?

    • Yes, keep them
    • No, remove them
    • Indifferent
    • Abstain

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The current version of the forum software allows for the use of Gifs which can be added by clicking the small "Gif" icon when composing a new message.




Gifs are now used on many forums online and are great for injecting humour or sentiment in to a discussion, but they're perhaps not everyone's cup of tea. We ask for your feedback on whether or not we should keep this feature or perhaps turn it off. I have added a poll (running for one week) All feedback welcome.


Season 9 Thank You GIF by The Office

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3 minutes ago, David Mack said:

And a wandering creepy crawly.


No that wasn't me. I noticed that one too on someone else's profile ans quite liked it. They no longer post here. 


I don't like the stoopid big American gifs inserted into posts to illustrate a point though. 



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Apparently the cool kids no longer use gifs, as they now consider them to be desperately naff. The don't use the word naff either. Gifs are only used by ancient old fossils over 25, who frequent paeleolithic sites like Facebook, discussion forums and other oldie stuff on the internet. Gifs are therefore perfect for CWDF. 😀


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44 minutes ago, Jen-in-Wellies said:

Apparently the cool kids no longer use gifs, as they now consider them to be desperately naff. The don't use the word naff either. Gifs are only used by ancient old fossils over 25, 

Josiah, one of my god sons, keeps saying how he wants to be grown up (he's 15) and yet he says everything grown ups do is uncool...


I'm gonna tell him grown ups hang out on Facebook and post gifs... see how he reacts... 😮😀

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Personal Feeling


We already have the Greeny / Love / Happy / HaHa etc which works well for reactions to a post without making the replies longer (and longer) - it also gives a "snapshot" - "seven people found this post funny, one found it sad" in a single place (with the post they refer to)


I don't have a particular problem with animated GIF's except that they chew bandwidth, make threads difficult to follow, may not obviously indicate which response they refer to (unless they "quote" the response, which makes the response to the response even longer) - Actually - no, I don't like them


That's not to say that a small animated GIF (the "banging the head against a wall" for example) is not acceptable.

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Putting it in to context. I don't see many gifs on CWDF, aside from on this particular thread. The one I used is the first time ever on CWDF. The forum is not being overrun with them. They aren't making each page a jumping repeating sea of images that take ages to load. The occasional one here and there is no hardship. If the option to use them had been removed without telling us, I doubt hardly any one would have noticed! Removing them will make almost no difference. Keeping them is no hardship.

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Yes, under one circumstance; that of democratic majority in favour by means of a poll.


Though I feel clarification as to which outcome, if any, the "indifferent" vote will be added,and indeed if the outcome of this poll is the definitive and only one on which the decision will be made.


To be indifferent kind of implies one may be happy with the status quo. Though why one would vote "indifferent", or indeed it is one of the options is beyond me.


How does one quantify "indifferent" and does it get an equal weighting in the poll as the other options. 


No, a much more sensible option would have been "I'm not interested in voting in this poll". I would have chosen that one.  


Though an "abstain" option is available, I think it detracts from the message from those genuinely not voting in this poll. 


A poll should be commissioned to determine the poll options before any meaningful poll can take place. 

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Having first seen this thread title without me “readers” on, i thought it was “Gits - yes or no” and was intrigued as to how one was identified and then dealt with. :D 

Now it turns out its just about Gifs (gif, jif, however you pronounce it) i’m not that interested, and voted as indifferent. Emojis/Emoticons are enough for me so i wouldn’t use them personally, but have no strong feeling about them either way.


Only thing i would say is that if they are voted FOR, then limit the pixel dimensions as it’s proper annoying when they fill the screen.

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