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Chesterfield Canal to close once again for activities after new ‘hands off flow’ is issued

Alan de Enfield

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Chesterfield Canal to close once again for activities after new ‘hands off flow’ is issued | Derbyshire Times


A post on the Tapton Lock Visitor Centre Facebook page said: “We have been informed by the Environment Agency that water levels in the catchment are low and a 'Hands Off Flow' notice has been issued.

"This means that we must close the paddle allowing water into the Chesterfield Canal at St Helena’s, Tapton Mill Bridge, where the River Rother feeds the canal.

“From tomorrow morning, no boating activity or paddlesports are permitted across all sections of Chesterfield Canal, from St Helena’s Floodgate to the most northerly restored point beyond and including Staveley Town Basin.

"It is expected that water levels north of Hollingwood lock may remain stable. If so requests to use the canal between Hollingwood lock and Staveley Town Lock will be considered by email request only. Requests should be forwarded to Jonathan.tilley@derbyshire.gov.uk

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35 minutes ago, PD1964 said:

Wont effect any boaters either, is there any on that stretch? apart from the Chesterfield Trust trip boat. 

Correct, it's the isolated length between Chesterfield and Staveley, so only the two trip boats, although they are very popular at this time of year. 

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11 hours ago, Cheshire cat said:

I'm not keen on meeting paddle boarders on the canal but can't understand why this should affect them

Perhaps the EA mistakenly think that paddleboards have the same draught as boats.  😜

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