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Upset today, change of interest.

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1 hour ago, Tony1 said:


I would like to apologise if my post of a few weeks ago has contributed to this feeling of being attacked etc. 

There are very few people upon whom I wish direct harm, and you are certainly not one of them. 

Your post above has made me realise that it was a quite unpleasant statement to make, and the more civilised approach would have been to simply ignore your posts. 

I had formed the opinion that many of the posts I read from you were unnecessarily robust in tone, if not outright rude and negative, but in hindsight I'm not sure I was being fair, and you do also offer a lot of advice that many forum members find really helpful.

When you suggested in that thread that I could move to a Schengen country I took it as a very sarcastic attack, and tbh I flew off the handle, because losing my freedom of movement around Europe is an issue that still causes me great anger, and that anger is only growing as time goes on. I have fallen out with two of my brothers over this issue, as well as several ex-colleagues.   

But it was wrong of me to express all of that anger so bluntly towards you, and I regret it. 

We are very different people, and we will probably never be friends, but I have since realised that you were not attacking me or trying to wind me up, as I first thought, and my sharply worded post was an overreaction. 



Thank you.   It takes a man to apologise and I appreciate it.  My manner may seem brisk, its age and pain usually.

Having spent years in industry and dealing with the general muppets, its hard to tone it down.

I'm beginning to like you.

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In real life if everyone on here met you in a pub they would buy you a drink im sure, maybe one or two wouldnt but there is always 1 or 2. I would happily stand you a beer.

Dont leave, that means they win, you are better than that.

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