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Quick question on Webasto wiring....

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Hi all


Still changing the wiring in the engine bay and now turning my attention to the Webasto.  This is coiled up behind the board its mounted on, then runs across the engine (cable tied to the fuel lines, then the Alternators cable the other side), coiled up again by the batteries before it connects - probably 2 or 3 times the length it needs to be. All looks really messy and can't be good practice for it to cross the engine due to vibration?   I'd like to re-route it around the bay and cut it to length - it'll be much shorter once done but I just wanted to check..... is it all a certain length for a reason?  I know the Webasto doesn't like voltage drops so think this can only be a good thing??


Old photos below but they show the query...


good idea or not??






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As we know, these units are quite voltage sensitive, so I'd say you're on the right track - the shorter the better to minimise volts drop. It's a power supply so no reason for them to be a specific, matched or minimum length.

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My Webasto unit came with a wire harness, so I guess the person that fitted the harness on your boat didn’t want to chop the harness to length - might give warranty problems, or not happy joining cables etc - so ‘lost’ the excess cable in routing it.

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