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Cheap supplier of Morris Oil & Antifreeze etc

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I have recently used this company and thought it might be useful to others




For some Golden Film SAE 30. Their prices are very competitive...A 25 Litre drum is £71 whereas most other suppliers are about £111.


They dont do mail order but do have a branch in Banbury...well nearer to Gaydon in reality!...as well as Penkridge...They seem mainly to be to the west of Brum.


They also had 20 Litres of Morris Blue antifreeze for £46. They seem to do a fair amount of the Morris Oils range....as well as proper Creosote...none of the stupid EU stuff for doing fenders etc.


All the prices and stock seem to be on their website but you might need to check they actually have the stock in the store.


I think the Banbury location can best be described as functional....but its a real aladdins cave of interesting stuff!

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1 minute ago, JamesWoolcock said:


Many thanks for this. 

Shall be paying them a visit before long.

I have to say I didnt quite believe the price....but it all was kosher....they might be a bit flaky about stock levels...I wanted 2 25L drums and 3 5L as I was buying for someone else as well...and despite being assured on the phone they had everything in stock they only had 2 of the 5L....computer said 3...shelf said 2!...I did grumble a bit but there you go!...other branches might be different as I dont think they have long taken over the Banbury/Gaydon one from another company.

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Have used TFM for many years, their main site being near Telford, with local branches at Bridgnorth, Penkridge, and Newport (near Norbury). They also do a comprehensive of oil and fuel filters but you may need to asses your own cross references to match their range. Very good also for fasteners and small engineering supplies and tools. Their main customers are farmers, hence the name Telford Farm Machinery. Useful also for pet supplies and food.

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