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Solar Heating Dump Kit 12v & 240v immersion Heater


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Has anyone fitted the Solar Heating Dump Kit - With 12V And 240V Twin Immersion Heater - 2 1/4" BSP from Bimble solar? it's more the 12V And 240V Twin Immersion Heater - 2 1/4" BSP I'm interested in. I'm in the process of moving my horizontal calorifier to the engine bay and pondering fitting one of these whilst it's easy to get to.

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I feed my excess solar to the mains immersion heater via the inverter and a thyristor.


It's a fixed resistive load so the voltage dictates the power output.


I can dial in anywhere between about 50 and 240 volts depending on how much spare electric my panels provide.


At lower powers - 200 watts or so - it doesn't really heat the water but it offsets the cooling so it stays hotter for longer.  At medium power - 400 watts or so - it will eventually heat from cold but takes all day to get there.  I try and remember not to turn it up to 1kW on the inverter ....

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I did it this way because I don't always have a "spare" 300W (the rating of the 12V element) of solar and it seems daft to flatten the batteries for the sake of warmer water.


A friend with a much larger solar array copied my idea and he just relies on getting enough power during the day to heat water until the immersion heater switches off and then charge his batteries after that.

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