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Engine heating up when stopped


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Engine in question Lister SR2

when I stop said engine which is  just warm to touch 

after a couple of hours running touch it again 5 minutes later 

and it is quite hotter is this the normal since it is not drawing cooling air 

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Depends where you touch it! If you touch on the sheet metal casing when running the casing and the more solid parts of the engine will be cooled by the fan. Whan the engine stops, there's no more cooling, but the heat from the engine block convects to the casing - whis presumably is where you feel the heat.

Anywhichway - that's perfectly normal.

At the seme time (if you're silly enough) touch the engine block - you'll fnd that's a lot hotter (ouch) - be careful....

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This is quite normal, and it happens to water cooled engines too.  When you stop there is quite a lot of energy (heat) still making its way from the inside of the cylinder to the outside world.  When the motor is operating the energy would be carried away by the coolant, (air or water) but stopping the engine has stopped the flow of cool coolant.  So the energy goes into warming up the engine.



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