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Meaning of " sole plate " ?

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9 hours ago, waterworks said:

I always thought the sole plate on a narrowboat was the area of the stern bottom plate the skeg was attached to, or at least only the bottom plate on the stern swim area, some people think it means the entire bottom plate, which is correct ?

I never knew what to call this part of the base.  It's a triangular hollow piece of the stem into which the end of the elm bottom is fixed.  There's a similar arangement at the rear.

I left it in place when I had Owl rebottomed in case anyone in the future wanted to replace the elm.

I'd always referred to these structures as "sole plates", but I'm probably wrong.  What are they called?



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4 minutes ago, roland elsdon said:

Shoe plate


3 minutes ago, koukouvagia said:


A definitive answer in about a minute.  Is this a CWDF record?

3 minutes ago, koukouvagia said:



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[bel canto]

What a wondeful fish the sole is

What wonderful fish are soles

I'm glad to relate, I'm partial to skate

When served in a dish with rissoles

What a wonderful fish the sole is

Like mackerel they swim round in shoals

But the finest of fish, when served in a dish

Are soles, are soles, arrrrrrre soles.

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