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Engine turning over but not starting (Isuzu IM4LB33)


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2 hours ago, james2 said:



Thank you *very* much to everyone who helped me out here. I'm very eager to learn how to fix my own engine but in the end realised that I basically know (knew!) nothing and didn't have time or emotional energy to figure everything out with the time pressure of needing to be able to charge my battery so I can do my work, so I called RCR. 


That turned out to be a pretty good investment because in the hour or two the guy was here I learned a TON about where everything is on my engine and a whole bunc of basic diagnostics that would have taken me hours to figure out on my own and now much better prepared for similar stuff in future and could diagnose similar issue in 5 minutes. 


The problem was, get ready for it, the heater circuit indicator bulb/socket !!@£$%^^!!@£. On my boat the indicator bulb is directly inline with the glowplugs and the bulb/socket had a ton of corrosion as it was broken and exposed to the elements and cleaning it up seemed to be all that was required. (Now I understand why relays are used in circuits like this. Add a bit of complexity but isolate the control side of the circuit from the operational side of the circuit and allow them to be tested separately).


Thanks again all in this thread




Many thanks for coming back and filling in the details of what it was.


This is very helpful, if only for future visitors searching the forum for a similar problem.

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