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A boater left their keys in Ivy House lift bridge on the Caldon.  A concerned local gave them to us as they didn't want the local yoofs to mess with the bridge.

We put a notice on there with our mobile number, but no one has called us.

It's a bunch of keys, not just  "watermate". If you have heard of anyone losing their keys please PM me.






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Quite a few years ago I found a bunch of keys - dozens of keys -  at Sykehouse Lock.

Turned out to be someone from C&RT who had been there earlier in the day . 


Also left my keys in a waterpoint which was probably 5 or 6 years ago . They were found before I had missed them and after a phone call found they were already  being returned to the marina where I keep my boat on another boat   . In fact  keys reached me before they reached the marina. I still have the marinas name tag on the same keyring.  



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9 hours ago, Sea Dog said:

This is such a blindingly obvious thing to do that I suspect most of us have failed to do it! :D


You normally do it after you go away and leave a set of keys in a waterpoint. Not so common these days as most are unlocked

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