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Dipping engine exhaust


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You're right David.  We found a few on the north Oxford yesterday. 

But it's a scramble to run forward , lift the pipe off , and get back to the tiller when single handed.  Oh and lift the back cabin stove chimney off too.  

A cunning mechanism would be neat.

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I suspect they are fabricated by or for the owner.


Take a standard exhaust and cut it a couple of inches above roof level. Fit a hinge across the cut at the back, so  the top section can swing back and down. Fabricate a sleeve that when upright either covers the cut either inside or outside, I suspect it may need to be half one and half the other.

Fabricate a bracket that is fixed to the top position just above the cut and pointing forward. Fix a weight onto the front of the bracket that will pull the chimney into its upright position. Fix an eye at the top back of the chimney and attach a cord for pulling it down so you don't have to let the bridge push the chimney down so it scrapes along the underside of the arch.


I have a feeling that there is or was a photo on the forum somewhere.


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10 minutes ago, billso said:

The Redshaws are definitely still trading and did an amazing job making some bits me for a couple of weeks ago.

Now at Braunston Bottom Lock.


Tony Redshaw Vintage Diesel's — Braunston Boats Ltd


Like this but smaller, Steam Boat Adamant.


See the source image


For a narrow boat:

See the source image


Narrowboat Steadfast: Folding Exhaust Pipe (nbsteadfast.blogspot.com)


See the source image





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